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This is a short translation of Description du projet Le violon de Jos

What if learning to play the fiddle was more accessible than we thought?

Le violon de Jos is a lively and dynamic multimedia encyclopedia project on the Quebec's fiddling tradition. It's goal is to enhance and share it's practice while facilitating it's learning.

The uniqueness of Le violon de Jos lies in the idea of combining intangible heritage, digital development and open source emergence. Le violon de Jos takes part into changing ways of practical cooperation in documentation and media, creativity and inventivity of a webdocumentary, museum renewal and exploring festivals. Le violon de Jos exists in a variety of activities.

A few tricks

Even though all contents are not translated in English, only a few effort is required in order to find your path to our great cultural contents. Here are a few tricks :

  • All the tunes in the encyclopedia are listed at the page called "Morceaux"
  • All the interpretations are at the page called "Interprétations"
  • Those two pages (and others easy to understand) are directly accessible by the menu called "L'encyclopédie"

Enjoy your discoveries!!

Shared Knowledge Lab

Le violon de Jos is based on [Semantic Mediawiki] technology. Our evolving metadata structure is open, shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence.

We also develop diverse open technologies through our original StageLab/LabScène mediation/residency process. The text is in French... but not the pictures!